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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Favorite things - wonderful last minute Christmas gifts for nerds like me

Much of this post is a repost from last year, but has been updated with new things I have fallen in love with over the last year.

Heads up, there are plenty of affiliate links in this post, but all links are things I truly love myself and would gift to my own friends.  Well, not my friends because none of them would love this shit, but you get the idea. 

Also, if you don't want any of this stuff, but still order on Amazon, if you click any of the links below and order what you were going to order anyway, I still get a little kick back.  Pretty sweet!

Need last minute gifts for the hippy or nerd in your life?  Don't worry, your Fairy Dorkmother (me) is here to help.

Inexpensive - under $20
  • Microplane grater.  I use this thing weekly and love it! 
  • Lamb.  This book about the "real" story of Jesus Christ, as told by his best friend Biff, made me almost pee my pants.
  • At Home.  This book makes dorks so very happy.  It sounds lame, but it is fascinating.  It's the history of how every room in a house came to be.  I know, boring right?  NOPE.  So good.
  • Cowboy and Octopus.  Hands down, one of the weirdest kids books ever.  Troy and I fight to read this one to Jack.
  • DIY kid's food pouches.  We fill this with applesauce for church.  Pouring applesquish in my kid's food hole keeps him occupied.
  • The Homemade Pantry.  Love this cookbook so hard.
  • Press Here.  This kids book is so fun!
  • Apple peeler/corer thing-a-ma-jing.  Makes processing 2 or 200 apples a cinch.
  • Magnetic knife bar.  Totally transformed the look of my countertop.  Anyone who has read this blog for longer than 10 minutes, knows how much I hate clutter.  This got one more thing off of my counter,
  • Darth Vader and Son.  For all the nerds out there, this is the book to read with your kids.  They have one for girls too!
  • Double boiler.  You don't need a fancy pot with this insert.
  • The Interrupting Chicken.  Wonderful kids book!
Medium priced - $30 ish
Eh, starting to make my wallet sweat - under $75
  • Dutch oven.  You NEED one.  I can't remember my life before Dutchie and Little Sprout came in to my life.
  • Yogurt maker.  This little dude has paid for itself tenfold.  Well, it was a gift, so I guess it paid for itself as soon as I opened the package.  I love it!
  • Large crockpot.  For the life of me, I can't understand why people don't have one!  I use mine weekly.
  • Good knives.  We got a set similar to this for our wedding over 9 years ago, and I use them daily.  Thanks Auntie Lulu and Uncle John!
  • Felco pruners for the garden
  • My pressure canner! It expanded my canning potential so much.
  • Kitchen comfort mat.  This makes canning almost tolerable.  Almost.
Ack, my mother-in-law is a hag and I'm desperate for her approval, so I'm willing to spend the money (PS: My MIL is not a hag.  I actually love her dearly):
  • Grain mill.  Expensive upfront costs that pays for itself fairly quickly. 
  • Roku player.  We also received this for Christmas last year and it rocks!!  Streams all our favorite stuff directly to our TV, without having to hook up our laptops (first world problems, right???) using a HDMI cable.
  • Mixer.  My life was incomplete without her in it.
  • Food processor.  So many of my "make it yourself" recipes start with this bad boy.
  • Reel mower.  Cut the gasoline addiction and get a workout at the same time.  This baby has one speed - you.
  • Wusthof Classic knife.  I received this as a gift last year, and holy smokes, I love it intensely!
I made a lot of homemade presents this year, but I still love to gift some of my store-bought favorite items to people I love. 

What is on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Thanks for the link on the Wustoff knife. My husband will LOVE it!

  2. I put that yogurt maker on my list when I read your post about it! If it isn't under my tree, I have accumulated enough amazon certificates (doing surveys) to get it my self! (unfortunately, I order from, which sucks because I would totally help you get a little kickback if .ca did that for you!!! We order all. the. time.)

    If I don't comment on a post in the next few days, I wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas. Really. I do! I feel like I know you through reading and chatting with you in comments. :)

  3. Great list! We just bought the canner and knife bar all linked through your site, of course! Kat and I love your blog and have been borrowing many of your ideas and recipes. Next on the list is the water kefir grains!

  4. There is NO way I will ever learn to use a ricer. Out of my reach. Maybe a garlic press. Maybe.

  5. I have a reel mower and love it. I can hear the birds and do not have to fight vibration or the smell of gasoline. Love it. However, I have had it about 25 years.

    From freecycle I received a yogurt maker. Then, I purchased an Excalibur, 9 tray dehydrator. I can set the half pints in the yogurt maker to make yogurt. So, I packed the yogurt maker away for awhile. If all goes well, I might give away the yogurt-maker, maybe as a prized on my blog. I LOVE my yogurt maker and dehydrator.


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